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Why Yo-Yo’s are cool.

Yo Yo's Yo-Yo

New Yo-Yo’s allow you to do amazing and adventurous new tricks that were not even possible before. It’s still a toy but also it has become a precision tool. But don’t be intimidated, one of the great things about the YO-YO, is having fun with it can be as simple or challenging as you want to make it. The Yo-Yo has been around since ancient times. They are present in one form or another in many museums around the world. It’s said there are Egyptian Temples that have the Yo-Yo pictured on them.

The modern Yo-Yo we know has its roots in the 1920’s. Pedro Flores was a young man originally from the Philippines. As a child his favourite pastime was carving wooden yo-yos and playing with them. In 1920, he moved to the USA and started to work at a Santa Monica Hotel as a bellhop. The name “yo-yo” which means “come-come”, first appeared at that hotel. His playing with the toy drew a large crowd. Noticing the interest he started the production of the newly named yo-yo by opening his own company named-Flores Yo-Yo Company.

After that, the company was bought by an entrepreneur named Donald F. Duncan in 1929 and not only the toy was acquired but the magic name “yo-yo” was also acquired with it. He introduced the first plastic yo-yos in 1950 and the first advertisements on the TV. Later due to losses the Duncan family sold the company to “Flambeau Products” who still owns it.

Later the addition of looping string breathed new life making it again an object of curiosity by enabling the players to do tricks and perform techniques with an ever increasing desire to master this fantastic toy. In this modern era, new materials like silicone and the addition of ball bearings has produce a toy capable of doing amazing tricks.

In this modern era, where video games have gained popularity as a main pastime, the yo-yo is also still holding its place by offering new challenges to players. Many contests are organised at national and international level to find the shining stars of yo-yo. Mainly, the yo-yo contests are organised in two parts, where in the first part players have to perform the “compulsory tricks” and in the second part players can perform “freestyle”. In the freestyle player can perform tricks to the music of their own choice and are judged on the basis of their performance, complexity of the tricks and their synchronisation with music.

The new style yo-yos really allow players to freestyle and innovate. The new yo-yo’s spin smooth and a lot longer than the old yo-yos and are considered as professional tools. All the techniques like sleeping, looping, off-string, freehand can be easily and effectively performed by these new yo-yos. So try one out or if it’s been awhile pick up a new one and have fun showing off your skills to your friends and family.

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