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Why You Should be Happy Your Kids are Playing Minecraft.

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Parents need to follow a protective approach towards screen time for children. There are so many digital devices like computers, tablets, TV and of course smartphones that a child can access at home as well as in school. But our advanced world demands children to be familiar with technologies as digitization is having a great influence over society. Parents should be ready to help children to get connected with healthy, positive and beneficial video games and one of the best options for this category is Minecraft.

Here are some reasons that will make parents happy about their child’s habit to play Minecraft:

  1. Inspiration: Most video games follow strict rules for playing but Minecraft comes with an open platform where youngsters can explore a world with their own abilities. In creative mode they are only limited by their own imagination. Being that a child’s imagination can be almost limitless, well Minecraft is one of the few games that actually delivers a medium almost without boundaries.
  2. Creativity: Minecraft allows players to use their creativeness at every step. Your child will gain architectural techniques while constructing caves and lavish houses in this game that could inspire him or her to innovate something new in real life as well.
  3. Teamwork: For solo missions your child will love to spend hours with Minecraft but to make the game more interesting, parents can create a multiplayer environment by setting up personal servers. You can make connections to their friends so that your child can play in teams and will learn social skill building as well as team management strategies.
  4. Problem Solving: Studies have shown games like Minecraft are capable of improving memory and help to improve problem solving abilities.
  5. Resource Management: When children learn all aspects of this game, they have to calculate the risk or effort of resources and start making strategies for their avatar to progress. In this way a child gets basic understanding of economics, household needs or otherwise.
  6. Geometry Skills: Minecraft involves geometry, children spend time building various structures using blocks. Children naturally start learning the attributes of structures and learn to build them in sometimes spectacular ways.
  7. Community Involvement: With this game, children can share various wiki entries, innovative artwork, quest maps and other modifications. This culture boosts children’s ability to contribute and connect with others.

So if your child loves to play Minecraft, it is not actually harming him or her but actually building advanced skills to help them learn and prosper. 

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