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A little bit about Corbin and I

ADHD Corbins toys

A little bit about Corbin and I,

Corbin’s Toys was started by a dad for his son. My son like a lot of young children these days was diagnosed with ADHD. For those of you that know or have known someone with ADHD, you know that individuals with this condition struggle at school, work, or at home. They also have difficulty making and maintaining friendships.

Both my wife and I worked full-time therefore he started daycare at two months old. His difficulties started early and continued to escalate. By the age of five he had already attended six different daycare and preschool facilities all due to his behavior with the other children and inability to focus. Once he started kindergarten it became worse. Every day when picking him up from school we were asked to stay for a moment by the afterschool program director to have “a talk” and received notes in his backpack of his poor behavior and academic abilities.  

 We were told constantly he was a sweet boy with a good heart but he needed constant one-on-one help. Unfortunately one- on-one help was something his school did not have the manpower for. Also he was stuck in the afterschool program until the evening which meant he did not get much one-on-one attention from home either.

When my daughter was born my wife stayed home for maternity and pulled our son out of afterschool care. When she returned to work I stayed home for a while. During this time we were finally able to give our son the one-on-one attention he needed. Not just with school work but with everything. 

Almost immediately we noticed an improvement in behavior. No longer were we being asked to stay after class but his demeanor improved as well. He was a happy kid again with self-esteem. A kid I hadn’t seen in a long time.

My wife and I decided one of us needed to be a stay at home parent. To do so it meant earning income while being home for our son, hence Corbin’s Toys was born.

Questions or comments, have your own ADHD story to share?

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