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Gravity Falls..You Will Be Missed

Gravity Falls

 You have probably heard a lot of things about the  show "Gravity Falls" lately, but the show's creator has brought us some bad news. A lot of people think that the show is going to be cancelled and this has broken a lot of hearts, and quite understandably so! The main point you need to consider is that the show's creator has announced that the show isn't actually going to be cancelled. Instead, it's going to be "finished" in his own words. According to a report, the creator has stated that he designed the show to be a finite series about...

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Wishing you

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The Holidays are coming.

It’s starting to get cold, time to pull out the ugly sweaters. Please remember when you’re out there braving the craziness that is the shopping season to stop by and support your local small businesses.

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Fall is here.

Wishing everyone a safe, fun and spooky Halloween.

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Why Yo-Yo’s are cool.

Yo Yo's Yo-Yo

New Yo-Yo’s allow you to do amazing and adventurous new tricks that were not even possible before. It’s still a toy but also it has become a precision tool. But don’t be intimidated, one of the great things about the YO-YO, is having fun with it can be as simple or challenging as you want to make it. The Yo-Yo has been around since ancient times. They are present in one form or another in many museums around the world. It’s said there are Egyptian Temples that have the Yo-Yo pictured on them.

The modern Yo-Yo we know has...

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